Month: February 2019

Out of the Fog: Finding Yourself & Forgiveness

  I’m walking away. I’m learning to let go while opening my eyes wider, scanning the horizon for everything that has escaped me while I’ve been away. I’m learning. It’s been messy. I’m drawing the conclusion that some situations and scenarios are so convoluted… Continue Reading “Out of the Fog: Finding Yourself & Forgiveness”

Unraveled Yarn: The Mess That Has Made Me

I’m beginning to have glimpses of joy. There are times when I am able to relax, falling lightly, sinking into myself like butter melting on a hot Summer’s day. Even various memories are flooding back to me as I remember myself, and I smile.… Continue Reading “Unraveled Yarn: The Mess That Has Made Me”

Flying Solo with You: Collectivity Versus Competition

Could our way of competition and capitalism be leading us to isolation and depression? I search our city streets and I see a myriad of frenzied people often using tense and terse words, elbowing others for their tiny turf they’ve claimed. Horns are honking… Continue Reading “Flying Solo with You: Collectivity Versus Competition”

Let Me Be Light!: From Trauma to Snowflakes & Lighthouses

I’ve been stewing all day. Heck, actually, I’ve been stewing all week. It was at some point in the day when the snow outside began softly falling that I grinned, ear to ear, amused that I had been granted my little wish. Something as… Continue Reading “Let Me Be Light!: From Trauma to Snowflakes & Lighthouses”

Hug Me Tightly: Recovery Before Romance

Perhaps, I’m impenetrable. I’d like to think that someday, someone out there will find me. Someone who is waiting and wondering where I am. I’ve nearly given up hope, but something tells me that maybe there is someone for me. I’m still not ready… Continue Reading “Hug Me Tightly: Recovery Before Romance”