Month: August 2018

The Dark Side of You: I Have Issues, But I am not THE Issue!

Stolen Space I bared, He stared, At all of me there In the space we shared That cost very little. His hands would mold My skin of gold My spirit, He stole By His constant drivel His lips, they brushed My corpse of dust… Continue Reading “The Dark Side of You: I Have Issues, But I am not THE Issue!”

Leaving Me Thirsty For More

THIRSTY FOR MORE Rolling over rocks Rushing into you. Feeling interlocked, Feelings naked, new. Foaming, violent seas Heavy, heady night. Stars floating free, Giving up the fight. Hands, silk and sin, Trees hang overhead. Sensuality, Sex and Sin, Soft green grass, a bed. The… Continue Reading “Leaving Me Thirsty For More”

Existential Angst: Three Poems Inspired by the Struggle of Life

This Thing in the Mirror In the mirror, It’s me. My reflection. That I see. Is that really me? Is that really me? I see vulnerability. I see hope. All my thoughts, Come from this thing. This thing, Staring back at me. I smile,… Continue Reading “Existential Angst: Three Poems Inspired by the Struggle of Life”

Mental Healthcare Madness: A Sick System

  I am listless. I am tired. I wish there was someone I could talk to who was able to listen objectively, with empathy. I wish I was able to afford a reputable residential treatment for my illnesses of: Bipolar I, ADHD, and PTSD.… Continue Reading “Mental Healthcare Madness: A Sick System”

Embracing the Mentally Ill in the Workplace: My Work Wish List!

I am currently appealing the initial denial of my SSDI claim for being unable to work due to my Bipolar I disorder, ADHD, and PTSD. I fought going on SSDI for nearly a decade which led to multiple failures and a disruption of my… Continue Reading “Embracing the Mentally Ill in the Workplace: My Work Wish List!”

Does “Love Conquer All”?

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return”. Eden Ahbez, “Nature Boy” (song, recorded by Nat King Cole) I’ve spent my life savings trying to find love, only to become emotionally depleted, bankrupt. If I am honest, I… Continue Reading “Does “Love Conquer All”?”

My Desolate Sea

My Desolate Sea It’s difficult to say No one loves me, Enough to stay. Trouble finds me Surrounds me Binds me, Never minding me. I want nothing more than to be set free From those who misunderstand me, From those unwilling, To see me.… Continue Reading “My Desolate Sea”

Happy Birthday to You, The Gift is Mine

Narc Love I stood naked. Vulnerable, Exposed. You told me What I wanted to hear. Called me beautiful. Saying: I love you. Then, you left. Called me crazy, Used my secrets Against me, Accepted no responsibility. This, when just a week ago, You slept… Continue Reading “Happy Birthday to You, The Gift is Mine”

Raindrops: Poems Inspired by Rain

Over the years, I’ve written quite a few poems inspired by rain. Rainy days often can provide the perfect backdrop for writing as its difficult to get out and do your normal routine.  It’s easier to cuddle up with a blanket and hot cup… Continue Reading “Raindrops: Poems Inspired by Rain”

The Endless Pursuit of Preoccupation

I’ve spent years fruitlessly searching for something more, often by engaging in tumultuous relationships, reckless endeavors, and high intensity jobs.  These spaces were fraught with tension, intrigue, drama, and suspense and would hold my attention for a time. Looking back, one of my unhealthy… Continue Reading “The Endless Pursuit of Preoccupation”