Month: October 2018

Silenced Stories of Our Struggle

  There is an unshared story that is told over and over to my tear-stained sheets on so many restless and sleepless nights. It’s a story that I feel others don’t want to hear. A story that is told in angry, broken phrases, and… Continue Reading “Silenced Stories of Our Struggle”

Here I Am, Standing at the Horizon

I’m looking out at the horizon. It appears untouched, uncertain, and foreign. I’m feeling a bit frozen. I know I cannot return to what I left as it is in ruins. I’ve seen too much to unsee it and go back. I have a… Continue Reading “Here I Am, Standing at the Horizon”

Crazy Making in America: A Desperate Cry to Change Our Broken System

It’s broken. It’s shattered. And, it’s literally killing people every single day. The system that is currently in place for serving individuals who are struggling with a mental illness is fragmented, fractured, and incompetent. I have been a recipient of mental health services for… Continue Reading “Crazy Making in America: A Desperate Cry to Change Our Broken System”

I Don’t Really Want to Die, But…

I don’t really want to die, But… I’ve been fighting a war with my family for too long now. A war to feel believed, seen, valued, and considered. A war to stop the enabling of addiction and dangerous behaviors that are harming the ones… Continue Reading “I Don’t Really Want to Die, But…”

Trauma, Addiction, and The Cage

It’s a paradox of sorts, clinging to addiction to feel so alive, when, in reality, it’s bringing you so much closer to death. And still, you continue to cling to the chaos, relentlessly pursuing the false narrative that somehow you’re safer when high, distracted… Continue Reading “Trauma, Addiction, and The Cage”

I Will Rise, I Will Love

I am again in the midst of leaving and letting go. This act of self-love has left me captivated in thought.  Much of what I was clinging to throughout the years and wearing in heavy layers, is shedding, leaving me unraveled, naked, and new.… Continue Reading “I Will Rise, I Will Love”