Land Undefined


Welcome to Land Undefined. I am continually working towards providing more and more definition in my life. Land undefined is the open space in my life that has yet to be carved out. It is the territory that needs a little more examination, refinement, if you please. The larger part of my blog is about the healing process that is taking place in my life currently to provide more definition.

My name is Amy and I am a certified recreation therapist (CTRS) residing in Bellingham, WA. I currently spend time writing, caring for my pup, and singing.  I’m taking a necessary break from working to recenter, regroup, and rebuild. I recently created this blog to share my journey of healing. I have struggled with Bipolar I, PTSD, and ADHD for most of my life and have learned a lot from living with these challenging illnesses. I write about past trauma that I am still healing from and feel that sharing my story mutually benefits me and others.  I also write about employment issues and barriers to care regarding the mentally ill.  I am an advocate for increasing quality of care and employment opportunities for those struggling with persistent and severe mental illness.  I also enjoy writing about issues of aging as well as I have spent many years serving elders in retirement communities as an activities director.  I’ve always been passionate about serving seniors in long term care and assisted living settings. I hope you enjoy reading! Thank you so much for spending some time with me here!

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