Month: December 2018

Fractured Family Tree: The Scapegoat Lets Go

I went down “that path” again. I knew in my gut what was waiting for me. Still, I went anyway, carrying that last bit of hope, protected deep inside me. I was still holding on to a lovely memory that has since become more… Continue Reading “Fractured Family Tree: The Scapegoat Lets Go”

A Letter to Those Enabling Addiction

Dear Enabler, You’ve often given in and helped your loved one struggling with addiction. This temporarily relieves the addict from experiencing the natural consequences related to their drug use. It may temporarily relieve you of your guilt associated with their use. Enabling communicates, indirectly,… Continue Reading “A Letter to Those Enabling Addiction”

Making Snow Angels: Forgiveness and Freedom

Please, stop the rain. Turn these heavy, wet drops into snowflakes, blanketing the muddy and messy mistakes of life. If it’s going to be a cold day, at least lighten my step with a lovely snow. Frame the chill with beautiful evergreen trees, heavy… Continue Reading “Making Snow Angels: Forgiveness and Freedom”

Rooting for Our Humanity

Mostly, I’m searching for answers. It always seems like I’m skirting around the flames, becoming uncomfortably warm, while desperately longing to become ignited, burning brightly. The flames seems so alluring, intense, wondrous, and beautiful. My mind keeps being drawn back to the origins of… Continue Reading “Rooting for Our Humanity”

Tinsel, Treasures, and Toyland: Christmas Memories

It’s Christmas. I admit, I haven’t been as present as I would like to be. I’ve been pulled emotionally into familiar spaces, lamenting the loss of loved ones: those who are no longer living and those who are too distant to allow connection. At… Continue Reading “Tinsel, Treasures, and Toyland: Christmas Memories”

Cultivating Self Compassion: I am Enough

There is something forming in my conscious that sounds familiar, but has felt foreign to me until recently. It’s a seed that is growing in size, full and impenetrable. It’s resting on the collective conscious of “what is” and longing for the wisdom and… Continue Reading “Cultivating Self Compassion: I am Enough”