Month: September 2018

Healing Highways & Byways: Highlights of My California Coast Road Trip

I recently returned from an epic road trip where I traveled from Bellingham, WA to San Diego, CA.  I went with my ex-spouse who is still family to me and a good friend.  To save time, we chose to travel down I-5 until entering… Continue Reading “Healing Highways & Byways: Highlights of My California Coast Road Trip”

Lighthouse List: My Guide Through Stormy Seas

I’ve been on an endless quest of forgiveness and self love. I keep getting tripped by various events that suck me into old habits and patterns. I reach clarity only to be pulled back into the fog where I am wounded, raging, and ruminating.… Continue Reading “Lighthouse List: My Guide Through Stormy Seas”

We Are Stars: Finding The Center and Basking In It

  I am centering. I have found this to be a difficult process where I often backtrack or retrace my steps. The center is where I long to be, basking in light and warmth, finally floating and free. Oh! How my soul fills with… Continue Reading “We Are Stars: Finding The Center and Basking In It”

Addiction is Confining: Hop in the Car and Take a New Journey

When you love someone who has a serious addiction, you always lose. In the beginning, you are confused and concerned. You have no way of knowing what the future will bring and the only exposure you have had of addiction is what you have… Continue Reading “Addiction is Confining: Hop in the Car and Take a New Journey”

Among Wolves: When Family is Your Enemy

I really do not want to remain silent anymore. I’m exhausted from being scapegoated in my family. It’s nauseating to sit and watch the level of denial and complacency that takes place. And no one in my family wants to take accountability for their… Continue Reading “Among Wolves: When Family is Your Enemy”

Living Lighthouses: Be a Light Unto Others

I’m currently traveling down the coast of California, feeding my spirit with winding roads that hug the coastline, salt kissed air, and stretches of sandy beaches.  Today, I came across this beautiful, old lighthouse, Pigeon Point Light, which is north of Santa Cruz, CA.… Continue Reading “Living Lighthouses: Be a Light Unto Others”

Healing is Hard Work: 6 Tips for Healing

Feeling at Home Alone in my sanctuary Of birds and trees I strip of earthly blanket Where no one can see It’s one of those days Of sun and of rain I rest on a rock My thoughts, unchained I feel beauty in all… Continue Reading “Healing is Hard Work: 6 Tips for Healing”