Month: November 2018

“Morning Has Broken”: When Suffering Becomes a Blessing

Morning Has Broken ~Cat Stevens Morning has broken like the first morning Blackbird has spoken like the first bird Praise for the singing Praise for the morning Praise for them springing fresh from the world Sweet the rain’s new fall, sunlit from heaven Like… Continue Reading ““Morning Has Broken”: When Suffering Becomes a Blessing”

Grateful to Have Enough

It’s Thanksgiving. It’s raining heavily outside. Blue Christmas light strands adorn the parameter of my apartment front door. I’ve carefully placed four blinking snowflakes outside on the front lawn, behind them is my front window encircled by more blue lights. My Christmas tree stands… Continue Reading “Grateful to Have Enough”

It’s Nearly Time to Take Flight: Abandoning Your Cage

Long ago, a bold, little bird was stuffed into a small, steel cage. There she sat, on her wooden swing, occasionally belting out a sweet, soulful song. She was careful not to sing too loudly. Behind the steel bars, she felt safe. The steel… Continue Reading “It’s Nearly Time to Take Flight: Abandoning Your Cage”

Guns and the Mentally Ill: How Scapegoating is Increasing Stigma

  Dear American Public, As an individual who has suffered for over two decades with Bipolar 1, I share with you the same outrage and heartache you more than likely experience when learning about another incidence of gun violence in our country. I cannot… Continue Reading “Guns and the Mentally Ill: How Scapegoating is Increasing Stigma”

Cultivating Your Songbird: Letting Go to Love

I’m in a bit of a hole at the moment. I am again fighting change and dragging my feet, clinging to what needs to be released in my life to finally be free. I’m caught up in the confusing web of chaos and lies… Continue Reading “Cultivating Your Songbird: Letting Go to Love”