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The Airing of Dirty Laundry & Breaking the “Status Quo”

As I was sharing my recent heartache and experiences with my therapist the other day, he stopped me to explain his role as a mandatory reporter. Therapists, as well as other medical providers, teachers, etc. are trained to recognize the abuse and or neglect… Continue Reading “The Airing of Dirty Laundry & Breaking the “Status Quo””

Alone & Unable to Connect to Family in a Global Pandemic: We are Strong, Resilient, and Enough

I am in a lot of personal pain that is stemming from the dissolution of my family. I guess I thought, by some stretch of a fantastical imagination and misguided hope, that the threat of a deadly global pandemic might somehow bring my broken… Continue Reading “Alone & Unable to Connect to Family in a Global Pandemic: We are Strong, Resilient, and Enough”

Swimming & Separateness

I remember long ago, when I was only a small girl, swimming effortlessly in my Grandma’s backyard pool. I don’t recall ever learning to swim as I’m fairly certain it followed closely after I learned to walk. I vividly recall gliding along the bottom… Continue Reading “Swimming & Separateness”

Hug Me Tightly: Recovery Before Romance

Perhaps, I’m impenetrable. I’d like to think that someday, someone out there will find me. Someone who is waiting and wondering where I am. I’ve nearly given up hope, but something tells me that maybe there is someone for me. I’m still not ready… Continue Reading “Hug Me Tightly: Recovery Before Romance”

Trauma, Addiction, and The Cage

It’s a paradox of sorts, clinging to addiction to feel so alive, when, in reality, it’s bringing you so much closer to death. And still, you continue to cling to the chaos, relentlessly pursuing the false narrative that somehow you’re safer when high, distracted… Continue Reading “Trauma, Addiction, and The Cage”

I Will Rise, I Will Love

I am again in the midst of leaving and letting go. This act of self-love has left me captivated in thought.  Much of what I was clinging to throughout the years and wearing in heavy layers, is shedding, leaving me unraveled, naked, and new.… Continue Reading “I Will Rise, I Will Love”

We Are Stars: Finding The Center and Basking In It

  I am centering. I have found this to be a difficult process where I often backtrack or retrace my steps. The center is where I long to be, basking in light and warmth, finally floating and free. Oh! How my soul fills with… Continue Reading “We Are Stars: Finding The Center and Basking In It”

The Dark Side of You: I Have Issues, But I am not THE Issue!

Stolen Space I bared, He stared, At all of me there In the space we shared That cost very little. His hands would mold My skin of gold My spirit, He stole By His constant drivel His lips, they brushed My corpse of dust… Continue Reading “The Dark Side of You: I Have Issues, But I am not THE Issue!”

Leaving Me Thirsty For More

THIRSTY FOR MORE Rolling over rocks Rushing into you. Feeling interlocked, Feelings naked, new. Foaming, violent seas Heavy, heady night. Stars floating free, Giving up the fight. Hands, silk and sin, Trees hang overhead. Sensuality, Sex and Sin, Soft green grass, a bed. The… Continue Reading “Leaving Me Thirsty For More”

Does “Love Conquer All”?

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return”. Eden Ahbez, “Nature Boy” (song, recorded by Nat King Cole) I’ve spent my life savings trying to find love, only to become emotionally depleted, bankrupt. If I am honest, I… Continue Reading “Does “Love Conquer All”?”