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Sculpting the Shame Away: When the Child Feels Like the Criminal

Some labels have such influence and power over us that they often dictate and predict our behavior from places deeply embedded within us. Labels that are donned upon us in our formative years are not easily shed. It takes not only a lot of… Continue Reading “Sculpting the Shame Away: When the Child Feels Like the Criminal”

Burn Brightly: The Healing Fire Within You

I haven’t written for awhile. I’ve been walking among the shifting sands once again. As painful as it has become, I’ve learned so much on that dry, barren waste land that actually gives so little. Or does it? Over the years, I have continually… Continue Reading “Burn Brightly: The Healing Fire Within You”

Shattering the Silence: Speaking out Against Sexual Assault

*This content has the potential to be triggering for some.  It deals with issues of sexual assault and child molestation. There will be a day in the distant future when such a strong framework of laws and protections exists for the victims of sexual… Continue Reading “Shattering the Silence: Speaking out Against Sexual Assault”

The Metamorphosis Series #1: The Suffocating Cocoon!

I won’t stay stuck here forever.  It’s a dark and suffocating place. All of us have areas of our life that make us feel unworthy and unloved.  Some of those areas go back to a time when our esteem was first forming.  For some… Continue Reading “The Metamorphosis Series #1: The Suffocating Cocoon!”

Watching You Suffer

  I see you suffering and I acknowledge your struggle.  You’re dragging around this heavy wrecking ball, fearful of both hanging on and letting go.  There is a part of you that is becoming so exhausted, clinging to this shattered dream.  You spend each… Continue Reading “Watching You Suffer”

Reframing & Rebuilding: 5 Lessons Learned While Healing

  Healing from childhood trauma has been the most significant endeavor of my life.  The last two years I have been raw and rapid cycling, while dealing with a lot of anger and pain from the past and present.  Below, I share some of… Continue Reading “Reframing & Rebuilding: 5 Lessons Learned While Healing”

Dismantling the Cage

  The excerpt below is taken from a book I am writing called: The Cage, The Flamingo, and The Peacock.  My hope is to help others heal by sharing my experiences of learning how to set boundaries, protect myself, and to eventually embrace all… Continue Reading “Dismantling the Cage”

The Story of Us

The Story of Us I feel you around me, Beside me, inside me. Your Breath, my lips, Your hands, my hips.   The fear dissipating, The storm, abating. The calm of the sea, An understood liberty.   Together, Apart, The Ending, the start. Your… Continue Reading “The Story of Us”

That Fear

That Fear It’s still there, That fear. It’s still there.   I can’t recall, A time when I was free. Please, Let me be. Don’t waste it on me. I’m not doing anything about it.   It’s still there, That fear. It’s still there.… Continue Reading “That Fear”