Honoring 47 Years: The Struggle and the Strength

  It’s my birthday. I haven’t been writing a lot lately because I have been going through a difficult time. Soon after making the move to California, I developed an interesting phobia, phagophobia, which is the fear of swallowing. I am still in the… Continue Reading “Honoring 47 Years: The Struggle and the Strength”

Waiting No More: It’s Time to Drive!

I’ve spent a lot of time waiting. I’ve been restless, at times, desperately desiring to be completely satiated, longing for validation and visibility. I waited a whole decade consumed by the desire to be passionately loved. I gave every ounce of my being to… Continue Reading “Waiting No More: It’s Time to Drive!”

Lighthouse List: My Guide Through Stormy Seas

I’ve been on an endless quest of forgiveness and self love. I keep getting tripped by various events that suck me into old habits and patterns. I reach clarity only to be pulled back into the fog where I am wounded, raging, and ruminating.… Continue Reading “Lighthouse List: My Guide Through Stormy Seas”

The Metamorphosis Series #1: The Suffocating Cocoon!

I won’t stay stuck here forever.  It’s a dark and suffocating place. All of us have areas of our life that make us feel unworthy and unloved.  Some of those areas go back to a time when our esteem was first forming.  For some… Continue Reading “The Metamorphosis Series #1: The Suffocating Cocoon!”

Embracing the Mentally Ill in the Workplace: We Work Too!

  Love and work are the cornerstones of our humanness. Sigmund Freud  I’ve struggled the last 20 years while working and am in a period of regrouping at the moment.  I have been accommodated at work, have negotiated severances and settlements due to discriminatory… Continue Reading “Embracing the Mentally Ill in the Workplace: We Work Too!”

That Fear

That Fear It’s still there, That fear. It’s still there.   I can’t recall, A time when I was free. Please, Let me be. Don’t waste it on me. I’m not doing anything about it.   It’s still there, That fear. It’s still there.… Continue Reading “That Fear”

Hello Grief.

Hello Grief. For so long I avoided you, gave you the silent treatment, ran the other way.  I wouldn’t let you stay. I thought the layers of pain caused by abandonment, betrayal, invalidation, and neglect would be intolerable to acknowledge. I sit with you… Continue Reading “Hello Grief.”

The Metamorphosis, Building the Wing Span

I’ve been restless and running for years without direction or purpose, frantically putting out fires, and desperately warning others to contain their flames or they will get burned. It seemed that most around me were in danger or were stagnating and without considering my… Continue Reading “The Metamorphosis, Building the Wing Span”

All Unraveled & Learning

I have started this blog as a way of healing.  In the past decade, my life became increasingly chaotic and frustrating, much like tangled yarn that even with hours of attempting to disentangle, appeared hopeless and muddled.  Through the torment of an abusive relationship… Continue Reading “All Unraveled & Learning”