Living Lighthouses: Be a Light Unto Others


I’m currently traveling down the coast of California, feeding my spirit with winding roads that hug the coastline, salt kissed air, and stretches of sandy beaches.  Today, I came across this beautiful, old lighthouse, Pigeon Point Light, which is north of Santa Cruz, CA. It stood there in solitude with a presence that demanded my attention, and I instantly felt full of joy, wonder, and admiration. It was in this moment that I was inspired to embody the spirit of the lighthouse.

What does it mean to be a lighthouse? How can I be a lighthouse to others on their journey?

The lighthouse is solid, majestic, and beautiful. It is a beacon of light warning sailors of perilous rocky shores, aiding them in the safe navigation of the sea. There are so many parallels between the lighthouse and the person I long to be as I grow older, becoming more wise and mature with each passing year. When I was younger, I might have been more interested in becoming a “shooting star”, brilliantly bright and bold, cutting through the cold, dark night, bursting forth with speed only to burn out, disappearing as quickly as I came. As I age, I see more value in the stability and strength of the lighthouse.

Lighthouses are built to last, have a solid foundation and can weather most any storm. I think of the storms I have weathered in my life and the insight I’ve gained with each passing one. It is this expansive vision that I am acquiring over time that I would like to pass on to others, by warning them of perilous seas and endeavors that have the potential to cause harm to their infinite and beautiful spirit. I long to stand tall with resolve, in solitude and in strength, spreading light over the landscape surrounding me, not in a forceful manner, but in a majestic one with a commanding presence.

I would say their are so many living “Lighthouses” among us. People who know themselves and are unafraid to stand alone, providing information and advice that can save us from heartache along our journey. Perhaps, you have a few “Lighthouses” in your life. As I heal and rebuild my life, I think of the lighthouse and its strong foundation and mission. I want to stand tall, purposeful, and completely present in a landscape that I built for myself. I will stand alone, in confidence, with no desperation or need to cling to others. And I will hopefully have a heartfelt connection to others in the community that is meaningful and bright.

And so, I not only long to be the “lighthouse” for others, but also desire to seek out the lighthouses and appreciate their contribution in my life. I believe in ways we can all aspire to be the beautiful and bold lighthouse, shining brightly, bringing hope to others on their journey of life.