Raindrops: Poems Inspired by Rain

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Over the years, I’ve written quite a few poems inspired by rain. Rainy days often can provide the perfect backdrop for writing as its difficult to get out and do your normal routine.  It’s easier to cuddle up with a blanket and hot cup of tea and read a book or put pen to paper and write. Sometimes a steady, soaking rain that lasts all day will nearly put me in a trance, a completely different state of mind, where my thoughts are more fluid and distant. The following poems were written during times when I was swept away by the rain in thoughts or feelings and wanted to capture where I had landed.

Thirsty for More


Swelling in the Sky.





Drop, Drop, Drop.

And I can’t stop,



Thirsty for more.

While the puddles swell,

And the rain swiftly flows

To the gutter.

Where it disappears.

Underneath the city.

I walk above,

On washed up streets.

One lone beat.

And there is none for me,

Always wanting.

I wrote this many years ago.  I believe this was written during a time when I was longing for connection, more than likely with a partner, and felt lonely.  The raindrops symbolized my feeling that connection and relationships were plentiful and yet, I felt I was missing many opportunities again and again as the “rain flowed to the gutter”, disappearing from view.  The rain had stirred my imagination and served as a method for processing my pain during a lonely time in my life.



Blessed Rain.


Stripped naked,

Bathing, in the water.

My strands of hair, wet.

Lying in the wet grass.

The green, wet blades of grass.

The scent of a fresh Spring rain.

The scent of honeysuckle.

Lying naked in the grass.

Exposed, for every soul to see.

My impurities, leaving me.

Naked now, baring my soul,

For the world to know,

Of me.

For the world to see me.

With nothing to hide.

Rain, falling from the sky.

Covering me, lightly.

Kissing me.

Making me free.


Blessed Rain.


This was another poem written years ago during a downpour. This poem displays my connection to nature and the healing properties it holds for me.  Being naked and exposed without shame, symbolized a time in my life when I was discovering my true essence and was growing in confidence, becoming ok with myself. The rain symbolizes a cleanse of any and all negativity and fear I was holding on to and a desire to just be me, unapologetic and fearless.  The rain was the medium through which I was shedding parts of my cocoon and was eager for flight.

Rain Drops

Have you ever sat and watch the rain drops beat upon the window shield?

Each drop, some separating, others combing, quiver and break loose.

They seem to be in a race, against time, against humanity.

They reach their destination, only to realize that they do not exist.

I wrote this many moons ago when I was 17 years old.  It was inspired from a road trip in the rain that I had taken with my Mom.  I remember looking out the car window and noticing the rain drops.  The drops reminded me of people, in a hurry, running to and fro, sometimes alone or together.  Like the raindrops on the windshield, people also have an expiration date.  It sounds a bit morbid, but it is more about the race that we often find ourselves in and how we forget to slow down sometimes to hang a little longer in the spaces where we are at, engaged fully in the present moment.

Thanks for reading, I believe we will get some much needed rain next week.  If I am lucky, I’ll get a poem or two out of it!!


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