Finding Refuge: The Forest Floor


The Forest Floor

You were my ocean, I was often lost in you.
Dragged in by the cruel and coveted undertow,
Spit out on the shore, broken shells.
I was always thirsty by your salty ways,
Cresting and crashing in confusion.
Searching your vastness, longing…
Your beauty mesmerizing.
Exhausted & swimming…
Trying to stay stable,
Among the shifting sands of your ocean floor.
Too distant to reach, like the night sky.
My grief lead me to refuge,
My feet trod on the forest floor.
An intricate system of strong and sturdy roots below.
Holding me there.
I knew the forest would take my salty tears,
Standing among gentle giants with no judgment.
And as I let go of the days at sea where I lost myself…
A carpet of lush green ferns awaited me,
A gentle breeze caressed me,
Birds greeted me with song.
I no longer needed to cry out
For the forest had absorbed it.
And so here, among the roots is where I will heal.
An ocean cannot hold you.

Inspired by a decade of narcissistic abuse, from a man who wasn’t able to meet me with commitment or stability.  Often, the forest is where I grieved, and subsequently healed.  I’m forever grateful to the forest and the peace that held me and moved me through those intense periods of crisis in my life.  When struggling, look to nature as it will offer you refuge and comfort during trying times.


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