A Universe Called Hers

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A poem I wrote a few years ago about my connection to nature and my insatiable desire for exploration.  I’m somewhat of a nomad, always restless, always ready to roam.

A Universe Called Hers

Reason does not escape her,

As Discipline evades her,

Passion, her master

She yearns for more.


She begs to be captured,

Stimulated and enraptured,

Scared and delighted,

Shaken, ignited

Settles for nothing. 

She screams at the sky.


Her spirit moves freely

Through firs and and forest floors

She rides on the wind and 

Sings with the birds

The whisper of the wind,

Her relentless sigh.


Temperamental like the ocean

Tumultuous waves crash

Dragging you in the tide 

Taking you out with a laugh

The Seagulls cackling  

Her aftermath.


She bathes in sunshine

A spectacular sunset

A warm Summer’s rain

Your skin glistening wet

Renewal, her spirit begets.


Rarely is she still

She abounds everywhere 

She begs to be found

Feel the leaves of her ground

She’s cold during Winter.


Ice is her foe

Frozen, Unable to go

Pushing boundaries to grow

Shattering stillness, the ice blows

Unstoppable to those around her.


Searching to find

One of her kind

Her unrelenting pursuit

Of a shared tree root

Grounding her to the center

Of a universe called hers.


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